Are these the Best Inversion Table reviews?

Comparison 2017 – Advice and testing of the best inversion Tables
Hello Hello! Julien, to serve you, I’m going to show you around today! Welcome to my website. If you are looking to find out what to know about the tables of inversions, you are in the right place! First of all, if you want to start by learning a little more about me, I advise you to go read the little article explaining who I am, and what are my motivations for having this site launched. If you do not have time, in summary, I work in a sports store, in which I am in charge of the fitness/Wellness department/therapy, and I am convinced of the efficiency of the tables of inversions.
Without further a wait, because I know you are small impatient, I propose you to launch us directly in the heart of the subject, with my ranking of the best inversion tables of the year:
My ranking of the best inversion tables of the year
At the top of the podium: the inversion table Teeter EP950 Hang Ups
Reversal table Top of gammeJe warn you right now, this machine is the equivalent of the Rolls Royce of the reversal tables. This is true for its characteristics that are well above the rest of the market, but it is also true for its price, which is also at the top of the scale. The Teeter EP950 Hang Ups is designed to be the most resistant of the market but also the most practical. It is very easily foldable, which is a certain advantage if you only have a small space to allocate to your inversion table, because it allows you to unfold it when you like and to keep it folded between two uses. It can withstand loads up to 136 kilos, and is adaptable to your template, as long as you measure between 1M42 and 1. It weighs 36 kilograms, which ensures stability at all times and some reliability, however it also means that it is not easily transportable. The materials used for its manufacture are of superior quality, and you can attest to the robustness of the tool at first glance. It is made to allow you to complete inversions, which means that your body is vertical, your ankles well maintained in the air by a single system that ensures a distribution of your optimal weight in order not to you Hurt. Once in this position, simply press a button to place yourself in your departure position effortlessly and without risk. This machine is followed by high-end quality tests, and is well above all its competitors.